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  • Adnan al-Sayegh reading with Lambeth Band of Solidarity
    Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh took part in an event organised by the Lambeth Band of Solidarity in Brixton, South London, on 19 December 2009.

    Adnan was invited to give a reading of his poems at an end of year gathering held in the Loughborough Centre.  He was introduced by Band of Solidarity organiser and poet Ceri Buck, who also gave an English translation of the three poems read by Adnan - "In the Garden of the Unknown Soldier" and "Iraq", translated by Stephen Watts and Marga Burgui-Artajo, followed by "A Passage to Exile", translated by Abbas Kadhim.

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  • Walls Come Tumbling Down at the Whitechapel Gallery
    Adnan Al-Sayegh took part in a special event held On 2 December 2009 at the Whitechapel Gallery in East London.  The round-table gathering featured contributors from varied fields of the arts along with community activists, in performance and in discussion, focussing on art and political issues following the fall of the Berlin Wall.  A poem by Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, performed by Anirban Roy, was the starting point for the discussion. 
    The event was organised by A World to Win and chaired by its secretary, Corinna Lotz.  Part of the Whitechapel Gallery's Guernica Project, it was held against the backdrop of a tapestry of Picasso's famous anti-war painting.
    Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh read two of his poems in Arabic during the event, and an English translation was read by Penny Cole.  Poets Cristina Viti, Stephen Watts and Bros Grim gave readings from their own work and from other writers.  Other contributors included Paul Feldman, Ansar Ahmed Ullah, Maja Milatovic-Ovadi, Mark Bartlett and Bill Bowring.


  • Al-Sayegh at the Foundry

    SOLSTICE - a poetry reading organised by Jill Rock alongside an exhibition of photographs by David Binns and an installation by Jill Rock celebrating St Agnes' Well on the site of The Foundry, Great Eastern St. London EC1.  

    Poetry readings by Adnan Al-Sayegh, Narayani Guilbarra, Noel Macken and Jill Rock.   
     From 1997 to 2010 The Foundry, Shoreditch, London was a meeting place for free spirits from all 4 corners of the earth, now sadly closed for reconstruction as a luxury hotel, December 21st 2009.

  • Adnan al-Sayegh in Portsmouth
    An evening dedicated to the Poetry of Exile was organised by Tongues and Grooves at The Florence Arms, Southsea, Hampshire, on 29 November 2009.  The event was presented by Richard Williams and featured the poets Maria Jastrzębska (Bologne), Adnan al-Sayegh (Iraq), Vahni Calpideo (Trinidad), Armando Halpern (Portugal), along with British poets Stephen Watts, Maggie Sawkins, John Haynes and Sue Apicella.  Music and songs were performed by Krystyna Jankowska and Martin Heys.

  • Swedish-Arabic festival hosts Adnan al-Sayegh
    Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh was invited to participate in the Swedish-Arabic Culture Festival, held between 6 and 21 November 2009 in Malmo, Sweden.

    The festival's poetry evening was held on 14 November.  Al-Sayegh read a selection of his poems, with a Swedish translation appearing on a screen on the stage.  Poets Karin Lentz, Maria Lindberg, Farhad Shakely and Arne Zaringoch were also featured.  The evening was presented by Yahya Ghazi Al-Amiri and included music by Falah Sabar.

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  • Adnan al-Sayegh in Prague
    Adnan Al-Sayegh was invited to the Czech Republic to participate in the Iraqi Cultural Day in Prague on Tuesday 27 October 2009.  The festival was organised by three groups - the Jawahiri Centrum, Společností česko-arabskou and Iracké Forum.  Adnan al-Sayegh read a selection of his poems in the Casa Gelmi hall, introduced by Moayad Haidari.
    The reading was followed by music and song, and a film about Iraqi poet Al-Jawahiri (1899-1997). Rawah Al Jassani spoke about Jawahiri's life and poetry.

    Radio Free Iraq in Prague took the opportunity to conduct a lengthy interview with Adnan while he was in the city.  The interview was broadcast in two parts, the first on the subjects of poetry and exile, and the second on the homeland and love.

  • Al-Sayegh reading on UK National Poetry Day
    Britain's National Poetry Day for 2009 was on Thursday 8 October, with a theme of Heroes and Heroines.  A poetry reading was held at Waterstone's bookshop in Islington Green, London, where participating poets were Martina Thompson, Nick Makoha, Daevid Allen, Donall Dempsey, Christopher Morgan and Armando Halpern, as well as Adnan Al-Sayegh.

    Armando Halpern read his poem "Ulysses", co-incidentally also the title of a poem by Adnan Al-Sayegh which he had chosen to read at the event.  Following Adnan's reading of "Ulysses", British poet Christopher Morgan read an English translation of the poem.  Adnan then read a poem by Christopher entitled "Stranger in a Familiar Land", translated into Arabic by Marga Burgui-Artajo and Adnan himself.

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  • Adnan al-Sayegh at Openned event
    The Foundry in Shoreditch, East London was host to a poetry evening organised by Openned on 6 October 2009. The poet Alex Davies introduced 17 poets - Alan Hay, Albert Pellicer, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Harry Gilonis, Josh Stanley, Justin Katko, Peter Philpott, Sean Bonney, Sophie Robinson, Steve Willey, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Nat Raha, Posie Rider, Peter Philpott, Alan Hay, Michael Zand, Amy De'Ath, Frances Kruk, Justin Katko, Will Rowe, Soumaya Susi and Adnan al-Sayegh.

    Al-Sayegh read two poems: "In the Garden of the Unknown Soldier" and "Doors".  The poet Albert Pellicer read an English translation of the poems by Stephen Watts and Marga Burgui Artajo.

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  • The Jago gives the floor to Iraqi poet
    Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh was at The Jago Gallery and Bar near Brick Lane in East London on 3 October 2009 for their monthly poetry session.  Introduced by the poet John Clarke, Al-Sayegh gave a reading along with poets David Kessel, David Amery and Denies Heinrich-Lane.  An English translation of Al-Sayegh's poems was read by David Amery.  The evening included music by David Studdert and Peter Sellars.


  • Poetry at memorial for the martyr Kamel Shia'a
    On Friday 18 September 2009 a memorial service was held in tribute to the writer Kamel Shia'a (1951-2008), who was assassinated by militias in Iraq one year earlier.

    The service was opened by pianist Nadia Alther who played music by Schubert (1797-1828) and Granados (1867-1916), followed by Ehsan Emam playing the lute.  Writer and announcer Salwa al-Jarrah then read Kamel Shia'a's message to his son, Elias, entitled "When we are in Baghdad".   This was followed by a screening of a documentary film called "Kamel", directed by Irfan Rashid, which featured a long interview with the martyred writer.

    The evening was concluded with poetry readings by Awad Nasser, Fadel Sultani and Adnan al-Sayegh.

    The memorial event was organised by the Iraqi Communist Party in London and held at the Polish Centre in Hammersmith.

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  • Torriano features poet Al-Sayegh
    Adnan al-Sayegh gave a poetry reading at the Torriano House in North London on 30 August 2009.  An introduction was given by the poet Christopher Morgan.  Adnan read seven poems in Arabic: Iraq, Critical, Al-Hallaj, The Deleted Part of ‘Risalat al-Ghufran', What Happened to the Sage, Ulysses, and Doors.  Stephen Watts, one of the poems' co-translators, read the English translation after each reading in Arabic.

    Adnan also read in Arabic a poem by Stephen Watts entitled Poem of the Open Field.  This was translated into Arabic by Marga Burgui-Artajo and Adnan himself.  Stephen then read the poem in the original English.  

    The other featured poet of the evening was Norbert Hirschhorn, and there were a number of contributors during the Open Mic session.

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  • Adnan al-Sayegh at the Poetry Café
    Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh read a selection of his poetry at the Poetry Café in Central London on Monday 3 August 2009.  The event was organised by Exiled Writers Ink and introduced by Aisha Dennis.

    Along with Adnan's readings from his poetry in Arabic, British poet Stephen Watts read an English translation written by himself and Marga Burgui-Artajo.  Also participating were poets Maria Jastrzebska and Gareeb Iskander, and the evening was rounded off with music and song.

  • Al-Sayegh reading at Society for Heritage Revival
    The Society for Heritage Revival, part of the organisation Iraqi Heritage, hosted a cultural evening on 12 July 2009 which featured poetry readings by Professor Shmuel Moreh and Adnan al-Sayegh.

    An illustrated lecture on the architecture of Baghdad was given by Dr Ali Thwany and Dr Emily Porter, Art Historian.  The event was held at Lancaster Gate, Central London.

  • Blog readers interview Adnan
    Between 18 and 27 December 2009 Omani poet Aisha Sayfi opened her internet Forum on Culture and Thought for readers to put questions and comments to Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh.  There were contributors from many countries, and questions were answered by the poet online during the ten days of open dialogue.


  • Al-Sayegh at the International Poetry Festival in Havana

    Adnan al-Sayegh was invited to Havana to participate in the XIV World Poetry Festival held from 25 to 30 May 2009, becoming the first Iraqi poet to read his work in Cuba.

    The annual Cuban poetry festival was devoted this year to the peoples of the Middle East, and included a celebration in honour of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.  More than a hundred poets from five continents participated, and readings took place in a number of public spaces, theatres, universities and cultural forums in the capital, Havana, and other cities.

    Al-Sayegh gave six readings during the course of the festival, including one at the café Pablo Neruda.  Spanish translations of his poetry were read by Miriam Valeles.

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  • Launch of new booklet of Al-Sayegh poems in English
    Exiled Writers Ink has published a selection of Adnan Al-Sayegh's poems in English under the title "The Deleted Part".  The poems were translated by British poet Stephen Watts and Marga Burgui-Artajo.  Iraqi artist Faisel Laibi designed the cover for the paperback.

    Publication of the booklet was part of a scheme to promote the work of exiled writers, with participants from Chile, Romania, Iraq, Iran, Croatia, South Africa and Ethiopia.   Along with Al-Sayegh, Iraqi writers Adnan Ahmed and Gareeb Iskander had works published.  Also taking part were Maria Eugenia Bravo Calderara, Ziba Karbassi, Mariana Zavati, Almir Koldzic, Andrea Pisac, Bart Wolffe and Fathieh Saudi.

    The booklets were launched at a Night of Exiled Writers held on Monday 25 May 2009 at Amnesty International's Human Rights Centre in London.  Among the readings by the featured writers during the evening, Al-Sayegh recited a selection of the poems in Arabic, while the English translations were read by Stephen Watts.

    The launch included book-signing by the writers present and was attended by representatives from British publishing houses.  The evening's host was Nathalie Teitler of Exiled Writers Ink.

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  • Stanza – Scotland's International Poetry Festival 2009
    Scotland's Twelfth International Poetry Festival was held  from 18-22 March   2009 in St Andrews.  Stanza is one of the most important poetry festivals in the UK, with poetry readings and seminars, music, film, dance, exhibitions of books and visual arts.

    On 20 March during "Risk a Verse", Stanza's Open Mic session held in the Byre Bistro, Adnan al-Sayegh read one of his poems, introduced by Poet Jim Carruthers, who also read an English translation.

    Adnan also participated in the haiku exhibition with his poem "The Painter", which was translated into English by Marga Burgui-Artajo and poet Sally Evans especially for the event.

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  • New volume of collected journalism by Al-Sayegh
    A large volume comprising two books by Adnan Al-Sayegh has been published by the Arab Institute for Studies and Publication in Beirut.  The 2008 first edition is entitled "Requirements of the New Text followed by In the Garden of the Text" and runs to 502 pages. 
    The attractive cover was designed by the artist Zuhair abo Shaib, based on a plaque by the Russian artist Vladimir Kush (1955- ). 
    The volume is a collection of articles which give a comprehensive summary of the views that Al-Sayegh developed through over a third of a century of wide-ranging reading, artistic and life experience. 
    The first book is an exploration of modern poetry. Through analysing a variety of writings, the author highlights the similarities and differences between modern and traditional styles and brings about a greater understanding of the context and richness of modern poetry. 
    In the second book, the author roams the jungle of the written word and, as the introduction puts it, navigates with the reader "the swish of those high branches". His lifelong quest is illustrated through his memories of war and exile, his recollections of significant poems, and his meetings with many of the important poets of our era, such as Abd al-Wahhab Al-Bayati, Saadi Youssef, Tomas Tranströmer, Ana Blandiana, Nazik Al-Malaika, Nizar Qabbani, Sherko Bekes, Lasse Söderberg and Ali Al-Ramahi. 


  • Two poetry evenings dedicated to Adnan al-Sayegh in Morocco

    Two poetry evenings dedicated to Adnan al-Sayegh in Morocco


    Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh was invited to Morocco to read at a poetry evening held in the Royal Theater of Marrakech, on Friday 20 February 2009. The event was organised by three Moroccan groups - The Literary club, The Unesco club and the Faoanees Magazine.

    An introduction was given by the poet Ibrahim Gahoegi, and studies of Adnan's poetry were read by Zoiriq Ismail, Mohamed Ait Athem and Jawad Wadi. Members of the Literary club also read studies about the poet, followed by Al-Sayegh reading a selection of poems.

    The second poetry evening was held at the Literary Cafe in Safi on Monday 23 February 2009, organised by the Word Club. Adnan Al-Sayegh read his poems after being introduced by the poet Abdul Rahim Al-khasar. Appreciations were read by Younis Alehiol, Abdul Rahim Alsail, Jawad Wadi, Khalid Alzhibp and Kamal Ahklaky. The evening concluded with an open dialogue session, when Adnan answered questions put by the audience.


  • Poetry readings by Adnan al-Sayegh in Canada and

    Poetry readings by Adnan al-Sayegh in Canada and
    the United States

    Adnan al-Sayegh read a selection of his poetry at the Fifth Festival of Arab Heritage and Culture organised by the Iraqi-Canada Union, in Toronto, Ontario, on Saturday 4th October 2008. The reading was introduced by the poet and writer Karim Shaalan.
    Al-Sayegh also participated in the first Festival of Iraqi Culture organised by the Canadian-Iraqi Artists Union in the city of Calgary, in Alberta, western Canada. He gave a poetry reading on Saturday, 11 October 2008, introduced by the artist Nazim al-Faleh.
    Al-Sayegh went on to the United States for two further readings, beginning with an event in the Dearborn Library in the city of Detroit, Michigan, on Monday 13 October, when his work was introduced by the poet Ibaa Ismail.
    The following day, Tuesday 14 October, he was the guest of Michigan State University Arabic section. Dr Wafaa Hassan presented the poet's literary biography and introduced a discussion on his work. Al-Sayegh then gave a reading of some of his poems, and finally responded to questions from the students present.

  • Adnan al-Sayegh in Germany

    Adnan al-Sayegh in Germany


    Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh participated in the fifth Rafidain Festival of Iraqi Culture, held on 30 July to 7 August 2008 in the capital, Berlin.

    The festival's poetry evening was held on 31 July when Al-Sayegh read a selection of his poems, along with poets Abdul Karim Kasd, Fadel Sultani and Hatef Al Janabi. The evening was presented by David Amin.


  • Al-Sayegh poems published in The London Magazine

    Al-Sayegh poems published in The London Magazine

    Two poems by Adnan al-Sayegh have been published in the June-July 2008 issue of The London Magazine in the UK. This prestigious literary magazine was founded in 1732 and has been publishing until the present day.
    The poems by Al-Sayegh which were chosen for inclusion are "The Sky in a Helmet" and "A Passage to Exile", translated into English by Dr. Abbas Kadhim.

  • Canadian radio interview

    Canadian radio interview


    The Canadian writer and journalist Hadani Ditmars interviewed Adnan Al-Sayegh in July 2008 on CBC Radio Canada. The discussion was about the cultural situation in Iraq after the fall of the dictatorship.

    Deetmars had previously published in The Canadian magazine, in March 2008, a long report about the cultural situation and freedom of expression in Iraq. The report was in two parts: The Dictatorship and War, and The Occupation and Terrorism. Deetmars wrote about the incident at the Al-Marbed poetry festival in Basra, southern Iraq, when after reading the poem "Slightly Quarrelsome Texts", Adnan was threatened with having his tongue cut out.


  • Evenings of poetry in Tunisia

    Evenings of poetry in Tunisia


    In Tunisia, Iraqi poet Adnan participated in three evenings of poetry along with a book-signing session. The book launch was for "Adnan Al-Sayegh: Carrying his Exile", written by the Tunisian poet and journalist Walid Al-Zorebi.
    The book-signing took place on Monday 28 April 2008 at the Tunis International Book Fair (twenty-sixth session). Following this there was a poetry reading by Adnan, presented by the poet Al Monsef Al Mezgany.
    On the evening of Wednesday 30 April, there was a special evening for Al-Sayegh at the House of Poetry in Tunis, again introduced by Monsef Al Mezgany. Adnan read his poems and responded to questions from the public.
    The third evening was on Thursday 1 May, hosted by the Union of Tunisian Writers and introduced by the poet Abdullah Al Qassimi. Al-Sayegh read selections of his poems and responded to questions from the audience.


  • Tranströmer and Al-Sayegh at the Palladium Theater

    Tranströmer and Al-Sayegh at the Palladium Theater in Sweden


    "Helloooo" is the title of a theatrical presentation based on the work of Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer and Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh.

    Directed by the artist Hassan Hadi, the play was produced by the professional theatre group Skarabé and was staged at the Palladium Theater on 12-13 April and 20-21 April 2007.

    Cast: Albin Johansson, John Hansson, Gabriell Hermansson, Aziz Fadlou, Hassan Houjayemi, Gunilla Postaroff, Hellivi Persson, Anna Thorstenssen, Nadin Al khalidi, Marianne Mörck, Loloat Hassan, Hassan Hadi, Aida Al khalidi, Anna Visser.
    Imaging techniques: WM-pro.
    Director of Photography: Wassef Massaad.
    Scenography and Graphic Designer: Cyndee Eslava.


  • Adnan Al-Sayegh at poetry evenings in Oman and the UAE

    Adnan Al-Sayegh at poetry evenings in Oman and the UAE


    The Iraqi poet read a selection of his poems at a poetry evening on Wednesday 23 January 2008 in the Hall Hotel Krandin in Muscat, Oman. The evening was organised by Omani writers and authors as part of the Muscat Festival 2008. The reading by Adnan Al-Sayegh was introduced by the Omani poet Badria al wahabi. Also participating were the Egyptian poet Ahmed Bakhit and Omani poets Aisha Asifip and Hassan Al Matrooshi.

    Al-Sayegh was also the guest of the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah, UAE, on Tuesday 29 January 2008. The evening of poetry reading by Al-Sayegh was attended by a large number of poets and members of the media. Introduced by the poet Hamid Kassem, the evening was held at the Club Hall in Sharjah.


  • Film: A Passage To Exile -2007 London

    Film: A Passage To Exile (2007)
    The story of a fight between words and swords

    Wooden Films in London have released a short film entitled Passage to Exile, about the Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh.
    The documentary was produced as part of a course for film students at Thames Valley University in London.
    Director: Chour Mahmoud
    Company: Wooden Films & Thames Valley University
    Editor & Production Assistant: Mouthanna Al-Sayegh
    Genre: Documentary
    Runtime: 6min
    Format: DV

    The film can be accessed via:

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  • Evening of poetry on the internet

     Evening of poetry on the internet


    Poetry House in Tunisia organised a poetry evening on the internet (via Yahoo Messenger) on Monday 1 October 2007, when Arab poets read their poems to the public on the web from their own countries.

    Adnan al-Sayegh participated in the evening, which was entitled "Spider poets", reading a selection of his poems. Mohammad-Najjar made a video about the event. This was the first reading of poetry on the net in the Arab world.

    Supervised and arranged by: Almzgne fair.
    Preparation and coordination: Walid Al-Zorebi.

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  • Memories of Silver In Malmö

    Memories of Silver

    The UR Gallery in Malmo, Sweden held an exhibition entitled Memories of Silver, showing the work of Swedish artist and translator Staffan Wieslander. Included in the evening was a poetry reading by Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh.
    Produced by Jafar Taown, the event took place on Saturday 11 August 2007 at the UR Gallery.

  • Al-Sayegh reads at Italian Poetry Festival, "Notti di Poesia"

    Adnan Al-Sayegh reads at Italian Poetry Festival,
    "Notti di Poesia"


    Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh was invited as guest of honour to the Fifth "Notti di Poesia", held in the Italian city Bari from 13-15 July 2007.

    During these poetry evenings, which also featured live music, twenty poets read their work by the light of the moon, in some of the town's historic squares.
    Seventeen of the poems of Al-Sayegh have been translated into Italian by Cristina Cerbara, and a selection of them was read by Adnan. The hour-long reading took place on Saturday 14 July.


  • Adnan at The Ark Gallery in London

    Adnan at The Ark Gallery in London


    Poet Adnan Al-Sayegh was the guest at The Ark Gallery in London on Thursday 4 April 2007. Adnan spoke about his poetry and read a selection of his poems at the event, introduced by the poet Awad Nasir.


  • 'Skarabe' Cultural evening in Malmö

    'Skarabe' Cultural evening in Malmö


    The theatre group Skarabe celebrate the work of Tomas Transtromer and Adnan al Sayegh. 'Skarabe' performed a piece inspired by the two writers, including poetry, music, dance and film, at the Palladium Theater in Malmo, Sweden on 1 December 2006.

    The two poets were present at the event, and the performers and organisers were:
    Nadine Khalidi / Harp player
    Jafar Hassan / Oud player
    Hassan Hadi / Director and Actor
    Lin Berndstrom / Actress
    Niklas Perm / Actor
    Ahmed Al-Sayegh / Director of Photography
    Muinter I Visser / Dancer
    Aida / Dancer
    Based on an idea by Hadi Hassan
    Production management and management / Aida Khalidi.


  • Master's degree awarded in Baghdad / And ''Uruk's Anthem''

    Master's degree awarded in Baghdad for study of
    poetry of Adnan al-Sayegh


    The Faculty of Education at the University of Baghdad received a thesis by the
    poet Arif Al-Saadi entitled "The Poetry of Adnan al-Sayegh: A Technical Study".
    The work was awarded a distinction by the Department of Arabic Language at the College of Education, University of Al-Mustansiriyah, Baghdad, in 2006.

    The Committee who discussed the thesis on Thursday 7 September 2006 consisted of Prof. Dr. Samir Hebron (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Fulayyih Rikabi, Dean of the University of Literature, Baghdad, Dr. Nadia Hanawai, and the supervisor, Dr. Satar Abdullah.

    The Committee decided to grant Arif Al-Saadi a Master's degree in Modern Literature with Honours distinction.

    This is the first Master's degree thesis to be awarded at a university in Iraq - and in the Arab world as a whole - relating to the work of a poet of the eighties generation.


    Second edition of ''Uruk's Anthem'' published


    The Arab Institute for Studies and Publication in Beirut has published the second edition of a book-length poem by Adnan Al-Sayegh entitled ''Uruk's Anthem''.  Al-Sayegh began writing the poem in 1984 when he was a prisoner in an abandoned stable during the Iraq-Iran war.  He continued working on it for 12 years, finishing the poem only in 1996 when he was in exile in Beirut.
    Second edition 2006, 549 pages, ISBN 9953-36-887-2.




  • Death threat received at the Al-Marbed Poetry Festival

    Death threat received by the poet Adnan al-Sayegh
    at the Al-Marbed Poetry Festival in Basra


    The poet Adnan al-Sayegh's website has received a video tape which documented the moment when, on 16 April, the poet received a death threat during the third Al-Marbed Poetry Festival in Basra, Iraq. The festival took place on 15-17 April 2006. Reciting some of his poems entitled "Slightly Mischievous Texts" upset the unenlightened armed guerrillas. Al-Sayegh's life was threatened and because of this he left Basra and went to Kuwait and thereafter to his exile in London.

    The video that we received from a participant (who would like to stay anonymous for security reasons) in the Al-Marbed Festival captures, in good quality, the threat. We put this forward to the general public.


    Mischievous Verses almost led to the death of the poet
    By: "Cultures Without Borders" - Baghdad

    The Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh received an offer to participate in the third Al-Marbed Poetry Festival in Basra, Iraq, which took place on 15-17 April.
    Al-Sayegh received a death threat and a threat of cutting out his tongue on 16 April after he read a collection of his poems in the fourth poetry night at the Al-Marbed Poetry Festival. The poem "Mischievous Verses" upset the unenlightened armed guerrillas. Because of this Al-Sayegh left Basra and went to Kuwait and from Kuwait to his exile in London.


    Adnan Al-Sayegh made the following statement:
    "I believe that poetry is a great adventure, because of poetry I just about managed to escape the war in 1993, and because of poetry I miraculously escaped death in the third Al-Marbed Poetry Festival in 2006. After I recited Mischievous Verses the guerrillas thought that the poems are sacrilegious, but their threats will never stop me, I will continue to struggle against them and write, I who own nothing but a pen in the jungle of their weapons".

    "I was shocked to see these unenlightened people and armed guerrillas who murder people in the name of religion, and to see this awful situation. Because of this, I have decided that I had to say something, and so I received a death threat. I say to the unenlightened people that their weapons and knives will not stop the voice of poetry".


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  • Swedish Writers Union gives annual award for 2005

    Swedish Writers Union gives annual award for 2005
    to Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh


    The southern branch of the Swedish Writers Union (Författarcentrum Syd) gave their annual poetry award for 2005 to the Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh.

    In a statement giving the reason behind their decision, Paul Nilsson said the award was given for:
    "His razor-sharp poetry, which he with great courage penned while beset by political persecution and serious threats. Adnan Al-Sayegh has the word as his weapon, has tirelessly fought against war and oppression and, in the name of freedom of expression, continued to paint his poems at the risk of his own life.
    "Poetry is painting a picture with words, says the poet. And his is truly a gallery of poems, with colours drawn from many places as he with great craftsmanship and feeling portrays shameful inhumanity for the world to consider. In these paintings the human being is always present. Here one can always find confidence and courage. In these paintings the viewer is one with the painting."

    - Paul Nilsson, Författarcentrum Syd


  • Poet Al-Sayegh at poetry festival in Medellin, Columbia


    Poet Adnan al-Sayegh at poetry festival in Medellin, Columbia


    Al-Sayegh read from his poems during five poetry evenings at the Festival of Medellin in Colombia. One of the largest poetry festivals in the world, the festival's fifth session, held from 24 June to 2 July 2005, this year hosted more than 75 poets from five continents.

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  • Reading by Al-Sayegh at the Iraqi Association in London

    Reading by Adnan al-Sayegh at the Iraqi Association in London


    The Iraqi Association in London was host to the poet Adnan al-Sayegh on 23 July 2004. Adnan read a selection of his poems, accompanied by artist Roya Ghali on the harp.

    The evening was presented by Abdel-Moneim Alaasm and was held at the Polish Club in London.


  • Adnan al-Sayegh in Birmingham

    Adnan al-Sayegh in Birmingham


    The magazine "Yemen Voice" organised an evening of poetry dedicated to the Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh in the city of Birmingham, UK.

    The poet read a selection from his writings both in Iraq and in exile. The poetry evening was held on 25 June 2004 and was presented by Abd alaalem al-Shamiri.


  • Publication of Poetry Collection by Adnan al-Sayegh

    Publication of Poetry Collection by Adnan al-Sayegh


    The Arab Institute for Studies and Publication in Beirut, 2004, has published a volume of poems of Adnan al-Sayegh which brings together in one collection a number of his published works.

    The first edition is 752 pages long and includes nine collections of poetry published during a quarter of a century of wars and exile.

    The works included are:
    • Wait for me under the Statue of Liberty, 1984
    • Songs on the Bridge of Kufa, 1986
    • Sparrows don't Love Bullets, 1986
    • Sky in a Helmet, 1988
    • Mirrors for her Long Hair, 1992
    • Cloud of Glue, 1993
    • Under a Strange Sky, 1994
    • Formations, 1996
    • Carrying his Exile under his Arm, 2001

    The cover illustration is by the artist Zuhair abo Shaib.


  • Celebration of Iraqi poetry in Sweden

    Celebration of Iraqi poetry in Sweden

    In Malmö in southern Sweden, a celebration of the work of the Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh was held in Magistratparken this year (2004). Adnan read from his poetry in the "Ordtaltet" (Tent of the Word), and Swedish poet Anna Alsmark read a Swedish translation of the poems

  • Poetry reading evenings in Iraq and Jordan

    Adnan al-Sayegh, three poetry reading evenings in Iraq,
    a fourth in Jordan


    After an absence of more than ten years in exile, in Sweden, Adnan al-Sayegh returned to his homeland of Iraq for three poetry reading events. Adnan read a selection of poems written in exile, along with some earlier poems written in Iraq.

    The first reading took place on 18 January 2004 in the Arab-Swiss Cultural Center in Baghdad, presented by the poet Adel Abdullah and writer Tawfiq al-Tamimi. The reading was followed by a discussion which included contributions from the poet Abdul Zahra Zaki, the anecdotist Ahmed Kalf and some members of the audience. The evening concluded with the playing of the psaltery by Hala Bassam.

    The second reading was held on 20 January at the Tuesday Creative Forum based at the People's Café. This reading was introduced by the poet Zaeem Al-Nassar.

    The third reading in Iraq was on 21 January, organized by the General Union of Iraqi Authors and Writers. It was presented by the critic and poet Nadm Ouda, followed by the critics Fadel Thamir and Khudair Meri.

    During the visit, Iraqi television broadcast an interview with Adnan, and another was aired by the 'Cardsat' channel. 'FM' Radio in Iraq and 'Free Radio' in Prague also featured discussions with Adnan, and his visit prompted some coverage and interviews in the press.

    Finally, a reading of Adnan's poetry was held in Jordan on 6 February. Here the event was presented by the poet Jamal Al Hallk, and contributions to a discussion on Adnan al-Sayegh were made by the anecdotist Abdel-Sattar Nasser, the poets Muslim Al Taan and Estenad Haddad, anecdotist Jamal Bustani and the artist Dhiab Mehedi.


  • Iraqi cultural night

    Iraqi cultural night


    The Iraqi Cultural Society in Malmö presented an evening of poetry and music at Studie Främande Hall on 8 November 2003.

    There were readings by the Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh along with Swedish poets Maria Lindberg and Arne Zaring. Omar Hirsch played the violin, followed by Flah Sabar on the oud.


  • Iraqi poet Al-Sayegh in the Library of Alexandria

     Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh in the Library of Alexandria


    Adnan al-Sayegh was the guest of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in collaboration with Egyptian authors, at a poetry evening held at the Alootodriom Hall in Alexandria (the famous historical library). The event took place on Sunday 26 October 2003 and was presented by the poet Abdul-Munim Al-Salim. A number of Egyptian poets also participated. At the end of the evening, Adnan spoke about his poetry and responded to questions from the audience.

    A reading of Adnan's poetry was also arranged at Cairo Atelier in the field of Talaat Harb, on Friday evening 24 October. This was introduced by the poet and critic Dr Medhat Aljiar.

    Adnan also participated in a poetry evening held on the stage of "an oasis of poets" in the cultural park in central Cairo, on 1 November 2003.

    Egyptian television Channel 1 interviewed Adnan, and The Nile cultural channel also broadcast an interview with him on Sunday 19 October.


  • Poetry and music evening in Sweden

     Poetry and music evening in Sweden


    "Sofie Lund Folkets Hus" (the House of the People) in Malmö held a poetry and music evening on Friday 26 September 2003. Participating were the Swedish poet Maria Lindberg, Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh and Spanish poet Roberto Mascaró. Music was performed by Tobias Allvin and Andreas Rudenå from the group "Kletschmer-gruppen Tummel". Singer Marcela Borda (from Latin America) also performed a number of songs.


  • Poets against War

    Poets against War


    "Poeter mot Krig" is the title of a collection of poetry published in Sweden recently (2003). Two poems by Adnan al-Sayegh are featured in the collection: "A Cloud of Glue" and "Passage to Exile". Also included are poems by Thomas Transtromer, Anna Eklund, Kristian Lewerth, and Katarina Lofgren, among others.


  • Poetry from three continents

    Poetry from three continents


    On 23 April 2003 the southern branch of the Swedish Writers Union, "Författarcentrum Syd", arranged a poetry evening entitled "Poetry from three continents". It took place at Loftet on Lilla torg in Malmo.

    The participating poets were Angela Garcia from Colombia, Adnan al-Sayegh from Iraq and Mile Stankowski from Macedonia. The evening was led by the poet Guilem Rodrigues da Silva.


  • Adnan al-Sayegh in "Serum" magazine

    Celebration of poetry in "Serum" magazine


    The Swedish literary magazine "Serum" presented a celebration of poetry and music on 22 March 2003, marking the issue of the new issue of the magazine (16-17) in April 2003.

    This issue included an article on the Iraqi poet Adnan Al-Sayegh, featuring a number of his poems and an interview with him by Kristian Lewerth and Tomas Ekstrom.

    In the evening Al-Sayegh read a selection of his poems in Arabic, and a Swedish translation was read by Kristian Lewerth.


  • Iraqi Literature at the Federation of Swedish writers

    Iraqi Literature at the Federation of Swedish writers


    The Federation of Swedish writers presented an evening of literature to which the following were invited:
    • Swedish scholar of Arabic literature, Dr. Marina Stagh
    • The novelist Ibrahim Ahmed
    • The poet Adnan al-Sayegh

    Dr Stagh spoke about Arabic and Iraqi literature and censorship.

    Than Ahmed Ibrahim read one of his short stories. A Swedish translation of the story was read by Swedish poet and novelist Sten Bjorn Ulfson.

    Than Adnan al-Sayegh then read a selection of his poems, whose Swedish translation was read by Swedish poet Par Hansson. Following the readings there was a discussion involving the Swedish and Arabic members of the audience.


  • Adnan at a celebration of poetry in Netherlands

    Adnan al-Sayegh at a celebration of poetry and art
    in The Hague, Netherlands

    The Assembly for Culture, the Arts and Publishing in The Hague presented the "Poezea een Childtrskunst Festival", a celebration of poetry held over the two days of 27 and 28 October 2002.

    On the first day there were readings by the poets Adnan Mehsen, Hatef Al Janabi and Adnan al-Sayegh, introduced by Adnan Hussein Ahmed.
    The second day featured readings by the poets Sadiq Alsayegh, Abdelkareem Kasid and Sargon Boulus, introduced by Yassin Al Nasser.

    The artist Sattar Kawoosh made drawings of the poets over the course of the two days during their poetry readings.


  • Al-Sayegh at poetry evenings in Malmo

    Al-Sayegh at poetry evenings in Malmo


    Over the three days 15-17 November 2002 in Malmo, Sweden, evenings of poetry and music and cultural seminars were held.

    Participating poets were Anna Jrgensdotr (Sweden), Khuelermo Baltr (Uruguay), Thomas Ekstrom (Sweden), Romina Frche (Argentina), Pierre Hanson (Sweden), Christian Wurth (Sweden), Mikul Cabardes (Uruguay), Paul Nelson (Sweden ), Adnan al-Sayegh (Iraq), Robin Akulira (Chile), Handler Aotika (Chile), Lasse Söderberg (Sweden), Mohamed Hazar Nya (Iran), Angela Garcia (Colombia).

    The poetry evenings took place in the hall of the Library in Malmo, the hall of the Latin America Union in Malmö, the "Loftet" Hall in Malmö, and Gallery "Present 18" in Lund.



  • Ismail Fahad Ismail and Adnan al-Sayegh in Copenhagen

    Kuwaiti novelist Ismail Fahad Ismail and
    poet Adnan al-Sayegh in Copenhagen


    The Iraqi Cultural House in Copenhagen held two literary evenings in June 2002 at the Medborgerhuset Hall.

    The Kuwaiti novelist Ismail Fahad Ismail was featured on Friday 21 June, along with a film about his work by director Tariq Hashim.

    On Saturday 22 June the work of Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh was presented and was followed by the screening of a second film, "Nagelskrift", directed by Tariq Hashim.

    "Nagelskrift"(Writing by nail) is a recording of a play by Theater X, featuring Adnan Al-Sayegh reciting his poetry and actor Liza Fry reading a Swedish translation.
    The film was produced in Sweden in 2002, with scenography by Jaafar Taoun.


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