Translated by Dr. Abbas Kadhim

                           California, U.S.A


Adnan al-Sayegh is a creative poet pursuing his path through the fires of poetry and immersing his words in the blood of his heart. His vision - as I saw it in what I read from his poems - resembles the rain that rinses the dusty leaves and restores to the exhausted nature its virginity. He migrates through the little details of Iraqi life, in its very essence, and penetrates through the basic dimensions of ordinary people, with simple, clear words full of seeds, flowers and fruits.

Abd al-wahhab al-Bayyati                    


Adnan al-Sayegh inaugurates with his new poetry collection, under a foreign sky, the project of his poetic freedom. In the poems collected under the main title, "formations," a manifestation of the inaugurated freedom. It is possible to draw comparisons between these poems and the preceding ones; for there is no disconnection, but rather, there is some definite distinction. There is a bigger dose of freedom, which influenced the form and way to view the source material. Is it the escape from the nightmare? Maybe! However, it has necessitated a long-lasting stare at it...from the locus of freedom.

Saadi Youssef                                        


Seldom have I met a poet like Adnan al-Sayegh; the poem dictates him before he writes it. He is full of poetry and flowing of poetry. Whenever I saw him, it occurred to me that poetry still exists somewhere in this metallic and rocky world, maybe in an isolated isle abandoned by the birds, but not by the poems. Indeed, it occurs to me that the whole planet, in the imagination of this poet, is nothing but revolving poems. There is nothing around him, except for this certain charmed tune or this certain stunning lost woman in disguise, wondering in her lost world - the poem.

Greeting to the poem, alive, vibrant, filling his fist.

Hasab al-Shaykh Ja`far                        


Adnan al-Sayegh is a poet whose voice attracts your attention when you hear him among the hundreds of other voices that rant with poetry. For poetry is abundant nowadays; however, very little is worthy of being listened to. Adnan's poetry is part of this worthy little.

He is a young poet, a man of today, this very day; or he maybe coming with tomorrow. But he compressed all times with his love and anxiety, and focused with his concern on this hour, which he lives with all of this love, anxiety and this obsession with the rejection of death.

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra                              


Adnan's poetry is the condensation of the essence of poetry in the second half of the twentieth century. Here are the beginnings, and here is the end of the round. Here is the deep sense of what the sixties and the seventies have accomplished; and here is the deeper sense of the importance of discovering the newest meaning of writing and the most expressive and forward-looking rhythm, to worlds and skies whose hazy horizons are not conquered yet by the words of poetry.

Abdulaziz al-Muqalih                           


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